Maintenance program | Once Through Boiler

Maintenance program

To operate boiler economically and without failure. Maintenance services on a regular basis are essential. IHI once-through boiler maintenance program is a set of package boiler warranty and scheduled maintenance services; we fully support the operation of the boiler for the customer.

Type of maintenance program

The maintenance program contract, We prepare special plan, basic plan, the light plan.

Plan Agreement term The main contents
Special plan Once / Month Monthly inspection, guarantee of the boiler package, troubleshooting *1, replenishment of chemicals, such as replenishment of regeneration salt
Basic plan Once / 4 Month Three times periodic inspection / year, warranty of the boiler package, troubleshooting *1 etc.
Light Plan Once / 6 Month Twice periodic inspection / year, warranty of the boiler package, troubleshooting * 1 etc.

Volume discount
If the contract is subject to two or more in one contract will be discount.

  • 10% draws on two
  • 15% draws on three
  • 20% draws on four

Five or more 25% discount

* 1 There are terms and conditions of the boiler package guarantee. Please contact us for more information.


Online guard system contract (OGS contract)

This system connected by internet access and our four-position heat management microcomputer with boiler, report to us immediately of an abnormality and operating status of boiler.

With internet access a quick response, you can use the boiler with confidence. We are running tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Network of relief


Cheap communication charge

We are reliable backup in the perfect system (transfer system equipped).  

Communication fees only the price of a dedicated Internet line.

Immediate report all abnormal data


7 days a week

It can respond quickly (monitor display, automatic printing) real-time report you all abnormal data error occurs.(Our own system)

  Our guard tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A simple procedure


It can supports a large number

Connect the internet to communication device you only need to register your email address.  

Online guard system for Internet leased line can accommodate only one line with multi-boiler installation.

Power failure protection


Stop safely without damaging the received data from power outages.

* In order to use the boiler in a more perfect state, customers of the online system guard will be asked to contract at the same time of the maintenance contract.