Boiler Control System | Once Through Boiler
Boiler Control System
Heat management system

IBD system

The entire system can be monitored easily and automated from collection of heat
management information to daily, monthly, or yearly boiler reports.


Massive energy savings

Rotation control device

Compared to discharge damper systems, the combustion can be adjusted easily,
which raises expectations for O2 combus- tion adjustment.
Supply necessary air

Ventilator inverter control

Only the necessary amount of air issupplied to reduce powerconsumption.
Auto management of boiler water concentration

Boiler water concentration automatic blower

This device uses sensors to detect the water concentration in the boiler
and then perform blowing.
Steam automatic supply system

SAS system

This general boiler heat management system manages the schedule of the entire boiler
system. To meet the steam demands that vary depending on the season, month,
and day, this device manages the boiler system in a timely manner to save energy,
save labor, and reduce costs.
Multiple installation boilers optimization

Quantity control system

This systems automatically controls the number of units that operate when small
once through boilers are used in multiple installations . The constant pressure
control system (patented) provides steam with stable pressure.