| Once Through Boiler
Automatic water softener
This device removes compo- nents that give hardness
to the feed water, which pre- vents scale from
forming in the boiler.
Chemical feeder
This device continuously feeds oxygen absorbers and
boiler cleaning chemicals into the feed water.
Ishiclean is our combined chemical for once through boilers.
This one chemical provides the following effects: PH
adjustment, scale preven- tion, rust prevention, dissolved
oxygen removal, sludge dis- persion, and more.
Feed water tank
This tank includes a device that heats the feed water
to 55 ̊C or higher.
Exhaust Pipe
120φ to 400φ
Clean water processing device without flocculants feed
Scale killer
This clean water processing system does not use
flocculants and does not increase running costs.