Japan's first 4-Stage combustion control(Patent No. 2,942,080) | Once Through Boiler

Japan's first 4-Stage combustion control(Patent No. 2,942,080)

Japanese government confers the best economizing energy equipment award on the manufacture, which develops and sells the best economizing energy equipment.

IHI L-series (K-750L to K2000L)boilers are all once-through boiler with four-position control and render great effect for saving energy, therefore, IHI L-series boilers are certified and awarded as the best economizing energy equipment.

As the reasons of award, compared with three-position control boiler, four-position control boilers are extended its combustion control range and decreased boilers’ ON-OFF, the operation efficiency Is high.
Thus four-position control boilers contribute to the promotion of efficient use of energy.

The Thebenefits to customers,
  • Four-position control boilers perform fine combustion control and decrease boiler’s ON-OFF, then make it possible to reduce fuel consumption.
  • It is possible to extend boiler’s lifetime longer by less boiler’s ON-OFF.
  • Boilers operate stably by changing its combustion flow finely.

We have heard good news from our customers, such as ”we are happy to reduce one drum fuel per month compared with three-position control boiler in case of 2 Ton/H boiler.” That is, it makes possible to save 910,000 yen per year.

Calculation condition

boiler operating time: 10 hours / day × 25 day / month × 12 months = 3,000 hours / year
boiler operation average load: 40% Fuel: 13A (70円/ M 3 N)

The Secret to High Efficiency is the Lowest Combustion Rate of 20-30%

The average load for boiler operations across Japan is 40%. However, the lowest combustion rate for common three stage combustion boilers is 50%.
As a result, three stage combustion boilers repeatedly start and stop about 40-50 times each hour, resulting in massive loss due to poor operating efficiency.

Furthermore, since ventilators, combustion devices, and electronic devices all run along with the boiler operations, they are operated 150,000 times
within a year (3,000 hours of operations), resulting in devices that exceed their expected service of operations.

In hopes of solving these problems and bringing customers a robust, long-lasting boiler with dramatically improved operating efficiency and true energy savings, IHI developed the IHI once through boiler K-L/K-SE Series.

The ground-breaking four stage combustion (100%-65%-30%-OFF) providesa lowest combustion rate of 30%, thus realizing a boiler that hardly
produces any start-stop loss. Furthermore, the SE Series includes advanced four stage combustion (100%-60%-20%-OFF) for a lowest combustion rate of 20%, creating an ideal boiler that can maintain high efficiency over a wide range of loads.

"Continuous and stable combustion.""High quality steam."
"High performance.""Economical." — No matter how you look at it, the Convenient K-L/SE Series can be used to improve your business efficiency

Only with Four Stage Combustion
  Fine Combustion Controls
The combustion rate is controlled to the following :
K-L Series :    High (100%)  Medium (65%)  Low(30%) Stopped
K-SE Series :  High (100%)  Medium (60%)  Low(20%) Stopped
    Extended Bolier Life Expectancy
Reduction of the start-stop operation in the boiler not only enhances the life expectancy of the bolier, but also enhances the life expectancy of its ancillary equipment associated to the bolier operaion.
  Economical Fuel Consumption
The combustion rate is set lowest at 30% for the K-L Series and 20% for the K-SE Series. This setting allows continuous operation of the boiler even when there is a low steam eequirement. These modes of boiler poeration would lead to less purge due to the start-stop operation and thereby increasw fuel efficiency.
    Stable Operations
These modes of operation allow wide range of combustion rate and lead to smaller fluctuation in steam pressure and improved bolier loading.