High Efficiency Advanced Four Stage Combustion | Once Through Boiler

High Efficiency Advanced Four Stage Combustion

Thanks to improvements in the heat transfer performance and the wide combustion range technology, continuous operations can be performed with a low combustion load of 20% or less.Even with low loads of less than 20%, the frequency of starting and stopping is greatly reduced to enable high efficiency operations.

• In addition to the 2000/2500SE models with their 98% boiler efficiency, the newly added 750SE/1000SE/1600SE models achieve the top boiler efficiency for the same capacity in the industry at 97%, thus enabling the models to meet a wide range of needs.


Wide Combustion Range with Low NOx Burner

With the standard burner, the device achieves 60 ppm (O2 = 0% conversion) or less. When combined with the aurora flame burner with self-recirculation combustion and thin-film technology (optional), the device achieves 21 ppm (O2 = 0% conversion) for ultra-low NOx and a wide combustion range (turndown ratio of 5:1).


Optimal for Multiple Installations

● Fewer units can be used even with large capacity facilities
When compared to the conventional 2000 kg/h module with multiple installations, fewer units are required, even for large capacity facilities.
For 20 t/h facilities, 10 units of the conventional models were required, whereas the K-2500SE can handle this amount with only 8 units.

● Quantity controls (optional) can be added
Even multiple installations can easily handle load efficiency, and large capacity facilities can be used with overall effectiveness

● Space-saving Design
The compact design enables the installation space to be reduced

● Safe and Easy to Handle
The small boiler is not only safe, but easy to handle.