Function pursuit microcomputer | Once Through Boiler
Function pursuit microcomputer

  • Driving operation is simple. (Simple boiler. One-touch operation, push Start switch, stop switch)
  • Always know the operating condition. (Shown in the code on the 7-segment LED operating conditions)
  • Automatically stop in the event of emergency. (Shown in the code on the 7-segment LED any abnormality has occurred in any operating condition at the time)
  • Always know the water level, the flame state. (Shown in the code on the 7-segment LED level, the flame state)
  • The four position combustion control response time, Can fix the combustion state.(Combustion fixed switch)
Peration panel
  1. Power LED (red)
  2. Operation LED (green)
  3. combustion LED (green)
  4. normal water level LED (green)
  5. Abnormal LED (red)
  6. operation switch (blue) (7) stop switch (red)