Energy Saving Equipment | Once Through Boiler
Energy Saving Equipment
Gas air pre-heater

Air heater

By recovering the boiler exhaust gas heat for combustion of air, the boiler efficiency is
dramatically improved. There are three types: compact heat pipe type, steel pipe type,
and rotating regenerator for large capacity type.
Feed water pre-heater


With a system that reuses exhaust gas heat for pre-heating feed water, this is designed
to increase heat efficiency and provide energy savings. The heat can be recovered without
increasing the NOx in the exhaust gas, which prevents emissions.
Collect steam and absorb load fluctuations


Hot water is stored in the accumulator. When there is large amount of steam usage,
steam is generated through self-evaporation, which supplements the shortage of steam.
This eliminates sudden load fluctuations in the boiler, thus increasing efficiency.
Effective energy-saving measures

Drain recovery device

A large amount of potential heat remains in the drain, and by recover- ing and
reusing this heat, the fuel costs can be greatly reduced. Drain recovery is one of
the most effective energy-saving measures available.
Massive energy savings

Rotation control device (Inverter control)

The FDF (forced draft fan) accounts for about 40-70% of the power consumed when
operating a boiler. Using a revolving speed control device on the FDF enables great
energy savings. (The same energy savings can be seen with an IDF (induced draft fan).)
Furthermore, compared to discharge damper systems, the combustion can be adjusted
easily, which makes it effective when used as controls for low O2 combustion control
Automated manufacturing from load fluctuations

Emulsion oil manufacturing device

By using microcomputer controls to regulate the amount of water injected,
this breakthrough system can continuously manufacture emulsion oil. It creates
and combusts emulsion oil depending on the load fluctuation, which improves
combus- tion efficiency and reduces the amount of dust and soot that is generated.
Recovery of blower water heat

Continuous blowers

By recovering blower water heat in the boiler through heat exchange and reusing it for
pre-heating feed water, this manages the boiler water concentration.This is available for
a wide range of series, from high pressure, medium capacity boilers to low pressure,
small boilers.