Advantage of 4-STAGE control in Boiler water level controls (Patented) | Once Through Boiler

Advantage of 4-STAGE control in Boiler water level controls (Patented)

In order to maintain a (dryness of steam) steam quality and overheating protection of the boiler itself, you'll need to change depending on the combustion load the water level control of the body.
This applies to all boiler is not limited to our products; we have adopted the multi-tube once-through boiler structure.  

In order to prevent the operation efficiency loss due to start-stop, it was set low fire load three position control to reach the proper level of high fire from an appropriate level of the low fire and steam quality you will want to pass through the area to decrease. (Figure 2)  

in the four position control with that made continuously appropriate water level control in accordance with the combustion load by providing a medium combustion load, the variation in steam pressure also reduces the amount of change in the combustion load is reduced. (Figure 1)  

In addition, the actual operating efficiency of the boiler, towards the load 60-70% is higher than the (High fire) 100% load. (In machinery and equipment of general, towards the 60-80% operation is more efficient than a full load is as has been well known.)

If you want to control the number in the multi-can installation, as much as possible the boiler units to operate in combustion By the, as well as to maintain a higher operating efficiency of the boiler plant whole, it will be possible variation of the water level migration is also reduced, to increase the steam quality.

Japanese government confers the best economizing energy equipment award on the manufacture, which develops and sells the best economizing energy equipment.

IHI L-series (K-750L to K2000L)boilers are all once-through boiler with four-position control and render great effect for saving energy, therefore, IHI L-series boilers are certified and awarded as the best economizing energy equipment.

As the reasons of award, compared with three-position control boiler, four-position control boilers are extended its combustion control range and decreased boilers’ ON-OFF, the operation efficiency Is high.
Thus four-position control boilers contribute to the promotion of efficient use of energy.