Heat management System | Once Through Boiler
Heat management System (IBD-9000 Plus SYSTEM)
(IHI Boilers Developments System)

It is a system that controls the number of units in operation automatically when you set up a multi-can small once-through boiler. Vapor pressure and stable (patent) target value control scheme can be obtained.
CPCS: target value expression control number (Patent No. 2,942,075 Issue)
The steam supply of stable pressure
Energy-saving operation that is commensurate with the steam usage
Uniformity of boiler life
Full-time person is not required
Easy driving operation

Control method
Controlled to as close to the target pressure value control target
Control by predicting a change in the predictive control header pressure
Various functions
Equally the number of start-stop cyclic each boiler
The evenly burning time of automatic rotation each boiler
Effective when waiting can set steam usage is unstable
Maintain the temperature state state boiler to force low combustion efficiency
Prevention of pressure drop due to combustion backup pre-purge
Quantity Control System (IBD-9100 SYSTEM)
(IHI Boilers Developments System)

This device created automatically using a personal computer, monitoring, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly reports can be at the same time. It is packed with a variety of functions in the position of the person you want to manage.
It is easy to use more Windows-compatible
Bright screen configuration
Enhancement of the reporting function
Grasp the real system information
Strong support for the correspondence when an alarm occurs
Easy operation with mouse
Adoption of laser printer
Standard (uninterruptible power supply) UPS

Parameter setting function
You can easily change because it summarizes as a parameter item of calorific value, unit price, specific gravity of the different fuels to each customer.
Monitoring function
View a graphical display screen monitoring the whole system
The display in the graphic into the boiler each individual screen display each boiler
Show heat management data aggregation screen display day daily
It shows a graphical representation of the time variation of the real trend graph display each data
Daily / monthly / annual report creation
The compile and print the thermal management of data printing day Daily
The compile and print thermal management data and monthly print month
The compile and print the thermal management of data printing annual report year
Operation Help function
View the contents of the alarm display abnormal
State monitoring of boiler auxiliary equipment and plant equipment
State monitoring of water-tube boiler flue fire-tube boiler
Once Through Boiler
Gas Firing
K-3000SE I
Equivalent evaporation:
3,000 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
750 ~ 2,500 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
750 ~ 2,000 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
1,600 ~ 2,000 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
120 ~ 300 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
500 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
100 ~ 500 kg/h
Oil Firing
Equivalent evaporation:
2,500 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
750 ~ 2,000 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
1,600 ~ 2,000 kg/h
Equivalent evaporation:
100 ~ 500 kg/h
Medium & Large Size Boiler
Fire Tube Boiler
Equivalent evaporation:
1 ~ 15 Ton/h
Water Tube Boiler
Equivalent evaporation:
5 ~ 100 Ton/h
Hot Water Generator
Waste heat boiler
Heat Management System
IBD-9000 Plus SYSTEM